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Substance Use Treatment

Substance use treatment is a vital service for millions of people struggling with substance use disorder and a crucial component of any drug control policy. Through evidence-based practices, treatment aims to help people stop or reduce their usage and mitigate the harm associated with use. Across all of our service areas, Carnevale Associates aims to improve the understanding of substance use and expand access to evidence-based treatment, including medication assisted treatment and recovery support services.

Nearly all of our engagements involve substance use treatment. Carnevale Associates has worked with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to examine and improve the financing of substance use treatment, with cities and states to evaluate grant-funded treatment programs, and with providers to facilitate industry-focused strategic planning and provide training & technical assistance on grant writing. Our team has also helped states develop regulations to govern Medicaid-funded substance use treatment. We have worked at the nexus of treatment and criminal justice through the evaluation of juvenile and adult drug courts and performance measurement & management for the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs. Carnevale Associates has also helped the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health successfully apply for and win numerous grants to support substance use treatment and prevention services.

Our Research & Evaluation, Training & Technical Assistance, Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement & Management, and Policy Formulation teams have worked on substance use treatment projects.