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Cannabis Reform & Regulation

The legal position of marijuana in the United States is complex. According to state law, over 20% of Americans now live where marijuana use is legal for personal consumption. And all of those legalization initiatives occurred in recent years. Yet all marijuana use remains illegal under federal law. Meanwhile, America's perception of marijuana is also in flux. What will these changes mean for the future of marijuana use? For states? For treatment? For prevention? For criminal justice? 

Carnevale Associates can address cannabis reform and regulation from every side. In some of our recent work, our staff have sought to bring practicality to the legalization debate – publishing an academic paper on how to optimize the most common form of state-level legalization and working in collaboration with the Public Policy Institute of California to address practical ways for California to balance its competing legalization priorities. Working for SAMHSA's Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies, our team has also developed training & technical assistance materials focused on youth marijuana prevention in the era of state legalization. Serving as a member of NIDA's National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse, our founder, John Carnevale, also led efforts by the Cannabis Policy Research Workgroup to issue recommendations for a cannabis policy research agenda

Our Training & Technical Assistance and Policy Formulation teams have also worked on numerous cannabis regulation projects.