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Strategic Planning

What sets Carnevale Associates apart is our extensive experience bringing strategic planning expertise to the behavioral health and criminal justice sectors. 

Over two decades, our team of experts has guided health care, criminal justice, and drug policy clients through the Carnevale Strategic Planning System at all levels of government – at the federal level with the National Guard Bureau, at the state level with the District of Columbia Department of Health Community Health Administration, at the local level with the Charlottesville Adult Drug Treatment Court, and at the international level with the Organization of American States' Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD). In one recent engagement, Carnevale Associates conducted multi-day strategy sessions for Virginia's Region Ten Community Services Board, helping shape their vision, mission, goals, and objectives to better suit the ever-changing landscape of behavioral health financing. 

The foundation of our success stems from groundbreaking work by our Founder and Senior Advisor, Dr. John Carnevale, who initially developed the first congressionally-approved Performance Measures of Effectiveness System for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. This research-based Carnevale Strategic Planning Method now forms the core of our drug-policy-focused approach, which includes the following solutions:

  • Fully-Facilitated Strategic Planning Retreats 
  • Strategic Planning Consultation (On- and Off-Site)
  • Strategy Analysis & Refinement