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The Prescription Drug Epidemic: Current Trends and Policy Solutions

This 2012 presentation highlights current trends in prescription drug abuse and potential policy solutions.

Major Topics Include:

  • Defining non-medical use of prescription drugs
  • Current levels of illicit prescription drug use, initiation, treatment admissions, and deaths
  • Pain-reliever specific data
  • Targeted data on women and girls
  • ONDCP's Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan (2011)
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
  • Opioid Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS)
Download full PDF Presentation: "The Prescription Drug Epidemic: Current Trends and Policy Solutions"

Original Presentation: Erika Ostlie; 5th National CONFERence on Behavioral Health for Women and Girls: Health, Empowerment, Resilience and Recovery (HERR CONFERenece); San Diego, CA; July 18, 2012.