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FY2008 Federal Drug Budget: Prevention Funding Continues to Decline

This 2007 Policy Brief examined the Office of National Drug Control Policy's (ONDCP) proposed drug budget for FY2008, noting the sharp decline in funding for prevention programming.

The brief contends that the FY2008 budget trend goes against well-established principles of effective drug control policy, including the need for a comprehensive balanced approach between interdiction, law enforcement, overseas programs, and prevention and treatment programming. Specifically, the Policy Brief notes that the FY 2008 budget request continues the Bush Administration’s long-term trend of shifting resources away from demand reduction (treatment and prevention programs that seek to discourage individuals from trying illicit substances or help existing drug users stop using) toward supply reduction (programs that attempt to stop the flow of drugs entering the country or disrupt domestic drug markets).

The Brief concludes that no federal drug budget, by any political party, can afford to ignore the overwhelming body of research that shows that a balanced approach between supply reduction and demand reduction programs is key to addressing the nation’s drug threat.

Original Publication: February 2007

Download the PDF: FY2008 Federal Drug Budget: Prevention Funding Continues to Decline