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Policy Formulation

Carnevale Associates specializes in helping substance use, health care, and criminal justice stakeholders research, develop, and implement evidence-based policies and programs.

Calling on our extensive policy experience, we work with our clients to develop sound substance use and criminal justice policy. Our team has helped author regulations implementing the first Medicaid reimbursable substance use treatment system for adults in the District of Columbia, redesigned communications processes & policies for the Veterans Health Administration, and published on the policy implications of our National Cross-Site Evaluation of Juvenile Drug Courts and Reclaiming Futures. Our training & technical assistance experts have developed numerous products that support substance use prevention and criminal justice policy at the state and local level. We also brought practicality to the debate surrounding marijuana legalization – publishing an academic paper on how to optimize the most common form of state legalization and working in collaboration with the Public Policy Institute of California to address practical ways for California to balance its competing legalization priorities.

Our policy formulation services include:

  • Regulation Analysis & Development 
  • Communications Assessment & Strategies 
  • Legislative/Issue Monitoring